Emden Moon "The Umbra"

On the eve of an ominous blood-moon eclipse, Emden Moon discovers he has the power to manipulate the element of darkness. As he discovers his gifts, his path is crossed by a mysterious stranger, who wishes to protect him from ancient dark forces. Forces that pose the threat to take the power that Emden holds within him for evil. The beginning of a new age of myths and legends begins with Emden and his journey in The Umbra. 

"My name is Emden. Emden Icarus Moon... and I did not always have these powers. In
fact, everything in my life seemed normal –you could say as bright as a beautiful day.


Now, knowing the darkness that would consume it, I would gladly ask for those days of beautiful bliss back. I did not ask for this. I never did. My life is now encased in shadows and chaos. A shadow I cannot escape... and a force I can't control.

I am being hunted by an ancient enemy; I had no idea existed until now. Even the most feared forces of Hell want to drag me down. With all of that, I’m also expected to put my trust in a complete stranger and learn to control these "gifts". These shadows feel more like a curse than a gift.

But I use them. I use the shadows. I use the darkness to serve the Light; because without darkness there can't be light, and without light there is only darkness.
I am Emden Icarus Moon...and I am The Umbra.


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