Emden Icarus Moon, also known as "The Umbra".

Age:  20


Umbrakinesis-Shadow and Darkness manipulation. Shadow constructs

Teleportation (Shadow Traveling)


Phase Shifting

Slight Precognition

Slight healing

Some magic resistance


"Emden was getting in a rhythm now. It was like riding a bike, the more he let himself be exposed to the shadows the easier they were to create and will to his design."




Emden Moon "The Umbra"

On the eve of an ominous blood-moon eclipse, Emden Moon discovers he has the power to manipulate the element of darkness. As he discovers his gifts, his path is crossed by a mysterious stranger, who wishes to protect him from ancient dark forces. Forces that pose the threat to take the power that Emden holds within him for evil. The beginning of a new age of myths and legends begins with Emden and his journey in The Umbra. 

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