Phase Comics: The Umbra

Opening Sequence


Setting: Winter. Deep night. Office inside of a large, church-like building. The Cathedral. A dark figure stands at a large glass window facing towards a forest and mountain range, looking up at a towering, full celestial moon. His hands clasped behind his back. He studies the moon like observing a beautiful woman. A sense of purpose, a sense that seemed natural, instinctive.


The figure turns behind them and looks towards this uninvited disturbance standing at the open door, it's face still obscured by the light of the full moon casting a tremendous shadow. Only a single eye can be seen in what little light there is given, glaring firmly and seriously. Malice underlined within a curious gaze. The figure does not verbally acknowledge the remark, just lifts it's one visible eyebrow, and breathes out in a long, slightly annoyed grumble.

The disturber lowers their head suddenly in a bow, avoiding eye contact with the figure. She speaks quickly and quietly, head down in a submissive manner.

"Everything is being prepared for the coming Eclipse, your Grace. The Cathedral is being readied for the ritual, we have prepared the altar. The clergy you have requested are nearing completion, they'll be ready soon...shall we extract the Light? Is it time to find him?"

The figure turns back to its' original position, pondering what has been said with the utmost of unconcern. The figure takes a deep breath, shoulders heaving and speaks first in a calm, monotone. 

"The Light will find it's way to us, to me. I have foreseen this. I have set in motion the events that will guide us to our paradise. The new world which we so desperately strive for. My only concern..."

The figure turns back to look at the guest, eyes glowing blood red, voice changing, and deep as if more than one entity is speaking.

" if my flock is truly prepared for what this task requires of them. You do understand what those who disappoint me, don't you, my child?"

The speaker, speechless, in fear, nods their head in affirmation.
The figure turns back to the moon, satisfied, the heaviness and sinister tone of the previous statement seemingly disappearing in an instant. Voice returning to the low, monotone.

"Good. Then you should have no fear of me or anything, my child. You should have no fear of what is to come. Trust in me. Trust in Us. Obey the Occultation. You'll be by my right hand and by my side every step. My appointed priestess."

The speaker bows again, deeper and more reverent. An apparent custom.

"Obey the Occultation. Yes, Father...but what about the Light? What about him?"

The figure glances up at the full moon, a smile in the tone of its' voice

"Not long now...another cycle begins soon... The boy will come to me...he has and will have no other option, I shall see to this myself. Leave me now. I must go and check the preparations, make a space for our guest. He cannot be aware of our plan until absolutely necessary. If he somehow is objective, it could prove troublesome. However, I will see to it personally that he submit to the Occultation"

"Yes, Father."

The speaker bows one final time before exiting the open office.

"And, Myra? Do close the door on your exit."

The door closes, and a copper-skinned woman, with long, dark braided hair down her shoulders is seen leaving down a long hallway, visibly shaken.


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